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Latest Aquisition

Post by Foggyone » Thu Sep 12, 2013 12:08 am

We recently announced the news that we've bought a cool Kiwi company called
LifeDirect and we're pretty excited about it.

Quick & easy to compare health & life insurance online
The team at LifeDirect may have a sloth as their pin-up mascot but they're
anything but slow-moving tree dwellers.

LifeDirect is a smart company that brings together transparent information
from New Zealand's leading life and health insurers, and lets you compare
insurance options quickly and easily. Applying for cover online is fast, safe
and hassle-free.

Sorting your insurance is now easier than ever

>From the Trade Me team" onclick=";return false;

*Rebate terms and conditions
The 20% rebate is paid on life insurance only (not other types of insurance,
like health insurance) and is paid on the first 12 months premium, not in
subsequent years. The rebate is payable on new policies only (not on existing
insurance you might have).

Not another Bl**dy insurance company hocking off a lose lose product.
Google, the answer to so many questions!

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