New fees - TM tricks

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New fees - TM tricks

Post by marika3 » Thu Feb 04, 2016 4:24 am

From 1st February TM introduced new fees structure. Flat rate 7.9% on any sale over $1, and no fees below $1.

Sellers of expensive items will be significantly out of pocket.
Sellers of low-volume items will save.

But wait, there are some tricks on TM part. You did not expect TM to lose on fees, right?

As you may know, collectable stamps are mostly low-priced. When TM introduced minimal fee of 50c, they almost killed stamp category - nobody will sell and buy stamps with extra 50c included into market price, it's easier to do on any other auction site, dozens of them around. TM category was used for more expensive stamps and bulk lots only.

Now, when "below $1 - no fees" and 50c fee abolished, you would expect heaps of small sales in stamps category.
But there are tricks:

- you can not list an item with start price lower than 50c - even if item's market price 30c
- initial bid increment is 50c - ie second bid takes the item straight into $1 with sales fee, no matter what

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Re: New fees - TM tricks

Post by ionet » Thu Sep 22, 2016 5:35 am ... ice-change

Upcoming Trade Me Motors price change

On 3 October we’re making a change to the success and withdrawal fees for auctions on Trade Me Motors. All other fees on Trade Me Motors will remain the same.

Success fees

Auction success fees for all vehicles will remain at 1.95% of the sale price, but the cap will increase from $49 to $99.

Withdrawal fees

We’re also increasing the minimum withdrawal fee for auctions from $39 to $49, and the withdrawal fee cap will increase from $49 to $99.

Over the past year we’ve invested in making it easier to sell a vehicle on Trade Me, and we believe the price change still reflects good value for money.

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