Don't talk about the fees, or your auction may be cancelled!

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Don't talk about the fees, or your auction may be cancelled!

Post by Meatloaf » Tue Apr 18, 2017 10:23 am

I had previously had a controversy with Trademe. In that controversy I told them that I was paying 15% of sales, when all the fees are added. They never refuted that point. Then an auction came where I was selling a console with games. I was selling 9 games. Almost immediately someone wanted me to sell each game individually. I explained that if I did I would be paying a reserve fee of 25 cents and 55 cents for the picture per game. And the games might be worth $5 each, so I really wasn't interested. Also I would probably be stuck with games that would be hard to sell once all the good games were gone.

Well finally we reached an agreement, where if the Reserve Price wasn't met, I would sell 4 of the games that he was interested in. He went on further about the fees saying if you have a buy now, you avoid the reserve price fees. Just before the auction closed Trade Me cancelled the auction. When an auction is about to close that's when everybody bids at the last minute. They even closed it on a Good Friday, and said your games are pirated. I've replied with proof that they were bought from Cash Converters, and still had the barcodes for most of the games.

Trade Me hasn't replied, and that would be because they don't like me mentioning the fees. Piracy has nothing to do with the issue. Anyhow I've said if they don't get back to me I'll use another site to sell my games. They don't want that, they said you shouldn't be selling it in any way to anybody. By me using other sites, that means the information will get out unhindered, and less business for Trade Me. And less business is why they are giving me problems to begin with. I'm of the view that saying to them they are charging 15% of sales has put me on their watchlist and they have been making sure I don't say anything about the fees.

Trade Me now has 5 managing directors and at least two are in Australia. Now that they have the market share they act as if they run the show and the only thing they care about is money. If you need 5 managing directors how about they be people living in the part of the world things are happening in.

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