CCs, BCCs and basic email etiquette

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CCs, BCCs and basic email etiquette

Post by autumn » Mon Apr 16, 2007 4:48 am

Just an *eyes up* and a wee reminder:

I don't know about you, but I've noticed a large increase in bulk emails, where all the addresses have NOT been BCCed (blind carbon copied).

It's basic trader etiquette (indeed, basic email etiquette) not to give out other trader's email addresses.

You may like to copy this email I've been using to send to unwitting (or lazy?) offenders...... I sure don't want to end up on any more spam lists, nor do I want someone who I've traded with to send me unsought attachments - including a hoax email that warned of a Trojan, but the trojan was in the attachment - as recently occured. No... I didn't open it - but I wonder how many did??

After discussion with foggyone, he suggested I post a gentle reminder about email courtesy here.
Hi ......

I hate to say this, but you really do need to be more careful with forwarding on emails......

A heap of email addresses are showing up in your headers of forwarded emails, and they are a spammer's and a scammer/hacker's dream... and all they do it plug it into their automated system, and start sending phishing emails......or multiple spam emails... of the viagra type (and they make money selling the email addies)

I'm not trying to be harsh, but it's a real no-no...
and it could be that no-one has told you how to avoid this.......

What is happening is you're sending them as CC - a carbon copy....
when they should be BCC (BLIND carbon copy, so no other recipient can see anyone else's address except the senders.)

If your email doesn't allow you to do a BCC, it's not secure enough.. and you need to update your email program....

If you're using OUTLOOK EXPRESS, here are the details on how to make BBC addresses available:

To send an e-mail message

1. On the toolbar, click the Create Mail button.
2. In the To or Cc boxes, type the e-mail name of each recipient, separating names with a comma or a semicolon ( ; ). To add e-mail names from the Address Book, click the book icon in the New Message window next to To, Cc , and Bcc, and then select names.
To use the Bcc box, on the View menu, select All Headers.
3. In the Subject box, type a message title.
4. Type your message, and then click Send on the toolbar.

Then, to send an email, you put your OWN name in the header, and all the other addys in the BCC line......

For other email providors, check their help files.

Hope that helps, and you understand why I've had to speak out.....
Get back to me if you want more info....

Life is a series of swings and roundabouts..... why not enjoy the ride

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