Advise re importation of goods...

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Advise re importation of goods...

Post by CliveHill » Wed Aug 15, 2007 10:54 pm

Number of Pieces can cause problems...

Strapping, Waybills & Bills of Lading
This is an issue that can cause an Importer a lot of problems.

When a customs entry is done, the number of pieces you've had freighted is taken from the number shown on the Air or Sea Waybill or Bill of Lading and declared to Customs. Sounds simple enough.

What can be a problem is when the Exporter or Shipper has strapped, say, 2 cartons together and called it 1 piece on the Waybill or Bill of Lading. Then for whatever reason sometime during the journey, the strapping is removed.

As a result, you'll have 2 pieces of freight but a customs release for just 1.

So what, we can still pick up both pieces right? Wrong. If the customs release only says 1 piece, then that's all you can get your hands on... and it's likely that the existence of the other piece won't even be known about by anyone. Probably the first person to discover anything missing is the Importer when tallying up ! what was received against what was expected.

But surely a freight depot should know and tell someone?! Absolutely right, but in practice, this seldom happens as it relies on someone taking the initiative at the time. And invariably the extra piece won't be clearly labelled so will end up left behind in some dark corner of a store waiting for someone to come looking for it... or worse, it ends up falling off the back of a truck for a quick buck.

So what happens with the customs clearance? Well that ain't no walk in the park either. Another customs clearance called a Permit Entry has to be lodged with Customs accounting for the additional piece and until the necessary criteria is met, Customs won't provide a release to allow you to collect it.

Drama? Yes, it can be. It costs for the additional customs clearance in time and money... a! nd it's almost always the most important stuff needed in a consignment that ends up packed into that missing piece.

What to do? Give your supplier clear instructions about packing when you order. If items must be palletised, make sure the pallet height and weight is manageable to best avoid it being broken down, the items are well shrink-wrapped AND the documents state for example "1 Pallet stc 50 cartons" just in case. If the pallet does get broken down, you may not avoid a Permit Entry but at least the paperwork provides evidence of the number of cartons expected.

What does stc mean? Its an acronym for "said to contain".

Strapping (or taping) cartons together is not a practice we'd recommend. Strapping should ideally only be used on individual cartons to prevent them bursting open or around large pieces for extra support. Never allow a supplier to strap multiple cartons together and call it "1 Piece" on your ! documents.

Not an issue with Full Containers? Not so much with a Customs release but it does expose you to an easy theft or problems with the count during a Customs exam should one become necessary. It's always best to indicate the number of pallets and pieces in the FCL on all the shipping documents too.

If your supplier isn't listening, then you might be best to work with another. ;-)
Honesty and Integrity are always the best Policies !

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Post by chinaqt » Thu Aug 16, 2007 12:25 am

Do I detect that you've recently suffered from this issue Clive?

Or are you drumming up business for the shrink wrap?

Hehehe 8-) 8-)

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