How to spot a fake GHD straightener

Fake copies of Microsoft Office, operating systems, memory cards and flash drives, fake designer clothing... anything of that nature. At any given time TM offers thousands of fake itmes which breach their terms & conditions... and often do little about the problem. This is the place to discuss the issue.
Wising up
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ghd styler scam

Post by Wising up » Thu Dec 18, 2008 1:08 am

thanks for the number. I did try this number and another I found - neither were real numbers.

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Post by CliveHill » Thu Dec 18, 2008 1:53 am ... 64091.aspx
Full Name: ghdstyler Contact now
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Post by ceb73 » Thu Dec 18, 2008 3:02 am

Hey guys
ive had my "GHD" chacked out by one of the legit GHD representatives who goes around salons - it is a fake - the plates are actually glued on!!! the guy said that it is not even worth trying to repair it (one of the plates doesn't work at all) -
i hate that these guys have gotten away with this!!!
i emailed Malina at Kiwibank but she hasnt replied, and that was over a week ago now :(
i have lost hope....and my $199

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GHD Styler Scam

Post by JoBoz » Sat Dec 27, 2008 2:47 am

Looks like i've been sucked into this scam too. Got back from my vacation last night to find the styler arrived. went on to the offical GHD website to register it to be advised it is not a legitimate no.

I have sent an email to which bounced back. the website is no longer active - very frustrating. Has anyone successful contacted these scammers?
Jo Boz

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Post by digidog » Sat Dec 27, 2008 3:31 am

Hi JoBoz and welcome to ScamBusters. This lot appear to be rather
slippery to put it mildly. While the Commerce Commission have decided
not to investigate them, I think we have enough victims to pursue this
matter. If the CC won't look at this then maybe Fair Go will be interested.

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Post by julee » Sun Jan 04, 2009 6:44 am

Hi All, I have read all of this topic and am 99.9% sure that I have been duped by a similar website. I bought a GHD IV Dark from (the name should have given away that they were not of a high quality). My reasoning for thinking they are counterfeit is as follows:

- The code does not register online (I intend to call GHD tomorrow (Jan 5th) to confirm this).
- It has one scuff mark across GHD label on "hinge" area. I also went into a hairdresser today and looked at theirs and this writing is much more prominent on the proper item.
- It was shipped from China, even though the website states that it ships from the UK & official packaging state Korea as the manufacturing country.

Otherwise they are a perfect copy of the actual straighteners. They appear to operate correctly, even alerting me and switching off after 30 mins of non-usage (which is new to the "Dark" series). All packaging was perfect and enclosed was 2 full colour booklets and DVD (tho the DVD at the hairdressers was all black and mine has a clear part in the center).

Anyway I just wanted to advise that this site is likely selling illegitimate products, and to see if there is any further advice as to what I should do next. I have drafted an email demanding a refund based on the advice further back in this topic, but am wondering if I have to send the item back before they will give me a refund (if they do at all!!)? And should I be expected to cover this cost, to ship it back to China!?

Sorry for the long post, any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Julie

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Post by digidog » Sun Jan 04, 2009 9:32 pm

Hi Julee and welcome to ScamBusters. You've certainly been sold a fake.
Most of the text on the site has been stolen from in
the UK. Contact details on the site say:
cheapgoods trading ltd
Private Bag 2736
South island
However the domain is registered to:
Cheapgoods Ltd
Po Box 24133 Royal Oak
Auckland 1047

Both addresses are likely to be false. These people don't want to be
found. The web site is being hosted in Utah.

I suspect that this is the same people who were behind the ghdstyler web
site as both were registered through Aust Domains in Perth. Why would
anyone in NZ use an Ozzie registrar? They're more expensive than most
NZ companies. I suspect that the people behind this scam may well be
located in Australia.

A quick check with Companies House shows that neither of those two
"Ltd" company names are registered. More false information.

As a first step I would suggest that you contact the Police officer who has
been involved with this case:

The Commerce Commission have proved to be their usual useless selves
and shown no interest in this matter. We will get in touch with Fair Go
when they're back at work, probably next week.

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Post by julee » Sun Jan 04, 2009 10:12 pm

Thanks so much for looking into that, I should have trusted my gut with these guys.

I will give them 2 days to respond to my email, and will then contact the police contact listed above.

GHD has confirmed that they are in the process of having the site shutdown. This lessens my chances of getting my money back (from slim to none), but as someone said previously, you live you learn I guess.

thanks again.

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Post by JoBoz » Wed Jan 07, 2009 9:59 am

Hi All

I have been emailing the scammers ( daily demanding a response to no avail.

I too will be contacting the police officer on this matter.
Jo Boz

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Post by Foggyone » Wed Jan 07, 2009 5:49 pm

I see the "About GHD" page is blank. Here is the emoved text, from Google cache 4 Jan 2009
ghd Hair Straighteners
Written by werwe werw
Sunday, 26 October 2008 09:32
The very latest model ghd hair straightener presents a new generation in heat styling technology. The new ghd hair straightener even has a celebrity waiting list dying to get their hands on it, including: Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and Jade Jagger.

All our ghd hair straighteners contain Mark IV technology. Mark IV technology has loads of new features: A new sleek design with rounded barrels that is even easier to use. New improved digital temperature control to maintain heat during styling with your ghd hair straightener. Auto multi-voltage on your ghd for International use. Improved safety features include: automatic switch-off sleep mode and a stronger more durable cable. Your ghd has a safety 'shiver' auto-off prevents damage in cold conditions. Your ghd hair straightener comes complete with a FREE DVD demonstration of the ghd hair straightener functions and teaches you how to straighten, curl and style your hair like a pro with your ghd.

What does ghd stand for?

ghd stands for 'good hair day'. This featured heavily in the marketing of ghd hair straighteners particularly in the early days of the Company. At the time of Channel 4's 'The Salon' the irons were commonly known as good hair day straighteners.

When will the ghd cordless straightener be available?
We expect to be able to offer the ghd cordless straightener late in 2008. It is designed as a 'top up' iron rather than a replacement for your corded ghd. Ideal for nights out and short trips away!

Why are ghd hair straighteners so good?
ghd continually develop the product and invest heavily in new technology to achieve even better results. The key factors include use of ceramic technology, the constant temperature maintained by the straighteners and the even heat distribution across the ceramic plates. More recent innovations include moveable plates to make it easier to achieve more looks such as curls, flicks and waves. Since the original ghd hair straightener was launched new products have been developed including: the ghd salon straightener, ghd mini straightener, and limited edition products such as the pink ghd and Christmas gift sets.

How do I curl with ghd hair straighteners?

You can create differnt types of curl depending on the type of ghd hair straightener you use. To create tight curls use the ghd mini straightener or to create bigger ones you can use the standard ghd hair straightener. Follow the steps below and keep practising:

1. Blow dry your hair.

2. Place the straightener vertical to your head, as close to your scalp as possible.

3. Rotate the straightener 180 degrees away from your head and pull towards you slowly and evenly in a smooth movement without stopping. The slower you move the tighter the curl will be.

You can also try an alterantive curl by placing the iron horizontally rather than vertically.

Which ghd hair straightener should I buy?
Many people have more than one ghd hair straightener depending on the look they want to acheive. The best thing to do is select the straightener according to your hair type.

If you have short hair you should choose the ghd mini straightener (0.5" cermaic plate).
If you have normal/fine hair you should choose the standard ghd hair straightener (1" ceramic plate).
If you have thick, coarse hair you should choose the ghd salon straightener (1.8" ceramic plate).
When are pink ghd hair straighteners available?
ghds famous pink ghd hair straighteners are typically available in October of each year but in very limited quantities. For the past few years ghd have supported the charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer by donating £10 from every iron sold.

What temperature do ghds heat up to?
ghd hair straighteners heat up to 190 degrees in about 6 seconds.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 11 December 2008 06:30 )
Same page, different author for
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I can't believe I was dooped too!

Post by beckyboo » Tue Jan 13, 2009 6:41 am

Hi there
I can't believe I didn't check this site before I purchased GHD's for my sister's birthday. I even sent them an email asking in writing for confirmation that these GHD's were genuine. They replied saying absolutely (I still have emails), they stated that they needed to get the stock out of their store before Christmas. How can I join in getting these creeps busted, and getting our money back?

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NZ Websites
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Another GHD scammer - ?

Post by NZ Websites » Tue Jan 13, 2009 9:55 am

Probably another GHD fake site

The case for the prosecution....
  • Their prices are far too cheap for genuine GHD product.
    Legal notice on the site is an empty page.
    About GHD page has been lifted off this site page.
    The only contact is a php form.
    T&C have been lifted from this site.
    There is no bricks & mortar "nicehair salon" found on Google NZ or
    Despite their email address including "nicehair ltd" no "Nice Hair" name is registered with the companies office
    Domain was first registered on 2nd Jan 2009.
    Domain email contact is a gmail address:
Registrant Contact Name nicehair salon
Registrant Contact Address1 P O Box 4081
Registrant Contact City Hamilton
Registrant Contact Country NZ (NEW ZEALAND)
Registrant Contact Phone +64 7 8279396
Registrant Contact Email

From the tm message board:
Anyone ordered GHDs from


1. Anyone ordered GHDs from They seem so cheap I'm wondering if they're authentic ones? How do you tell?

amalfijones (8 ) 9:18 pm, 13 Jan

2. Hadn't heard of them before your post
so went and had a look. GHDs are very cheap there, aren't they? I'd be a bit suspicious too.

trickynic (764 ) 9:34 pm, 13 Jan

3. how cheap?
Anything less than around $250.00 I would be concerned, maybe even more than that.

a-and-b (49 ) 9:36 pm, 13 Jan

4. mm...
I thought the cost price of ghds were around that. Not the retail would be careful

angelheaven (2751 ) 9:37 pm, 13 Jan

5. No physical address,
no phone number...I'd stay well clear.

briew (313 ) 9:38 pm, 13 Jan

6. I would buy
from there as they use Paypal which offers full buyer protection.

anglia (471 ) 9:39 pm, 13 Jan

7. Scam site
click on about us and contact us..also their domain name is not registered....

carbon_trader (23 ) 9:40 pm, 13 Jan

8. click on the Paypal icon,
it goes straight to the home page of nicehair instead of to paypals page, ....scammers if ever

carbon_trader (23 ) 9:43 pm, 13 Jan

9. thanks guys
I was feeling it looked a bit good to be true, but wasn't sure how to tell.

amalfijones (8 ) 9:44 pm, 13 Jan

10. Do you have a Rodney Wayne in Dunedin?
In Chch at the moment they are taking $70.00 off GHDs when you take your old straightener in.

a-and-b (49 ) 9:45 pm, 13 Jan

11. yep
might try that instead - be a bit of a safer option! Thanks for that.

amalfijones (8 ) 9:47 pm, 13 Jan

12. I would have
been sucked in! Shame.

anglia (471 ) 9:48 pm, 13 Jan

13. oh if they're not doing it in Dunedin they
definately were advertising it up here so that makes them a better price. Hope you know someone in Chch if they're not!

a-and-b (49 ) 9:49 pm, 13 Jan

14. oh deary me
scam sites are horrible! I went to once and 'bought' a cellphone, 300 and soemthing dollars later it never came. I was lucky enough however to get my money back from them after a lot of hassling. leaernt my lesson !!

pina.cole.ada (18 ) 9:54 pm, 13 Jan

15. ...
Is a scam.. has been a few of these lately.. selling really cheap ghd's... have been closed down after a whle.. hate to think how many people have got sucked in :/

sam1928 (176 ) 9:57 pm, 13 Jan

16. are you able to report it to trademe?
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Post by ionet » Tue Jan 13, 2009 10:14 am


Well, the Postal Address for the Web Domain traces back on the web to:

False info removed by admin
from website:
If it is not a false address, which is highly likely

And Domain Registrant Phone Number if it once again is not a false Number (again highly likely) used by Scammers leads to this business:



From this we have to assume that these Scammers have used false contact info to register the domain

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Post by NZ Websites » Tue Jan 13, 2009 10:18 am

And that tracks back to:
Company Number 1015553 View Certificate Of Incorporation


Incorporated 22-FEB-2000
Previous Status Struck Off 14th August 2002 8th November 2002
Registered 22nd February 2000 14th August 2002
Previous Names
Company Name Date Changed
Address Details
Registered Office
C/- Beban Associates
Suites 1-2, B N Z Building
51-53 Victoria Street
Name Date Appointed:
BAILEY, Stuart David 22-FEB-2000
49 Mangotahi Road, R D 2, THAMES
Not that helpful eh
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Post by NZ Websites » Tue Jan 13, 2009 10:21 am

ionet wrote:And Phone Number if it once again is not a false Number (again highly likely) used by Scammers leads to this business:


Curiouser and curiouser lol
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