nz_software - fake software

Fake copies of Microsoft Office, operating systems, memory cards and flash drives, fake designer clothing... anything of that nature. At any given time TM offers thousands of fake itmes which breach their terms & conditions... and often do little about the problem. This is the place to discuss the issue.
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nz_software - fake software

Post by digidog » Wed May 06, 2009 5:52 am

We've received an email complaining about this guy.

trader: nz_software
name: James
loc'n: Christchurch
joined: February 2009
status: Authenticated

In particular this auction for Windows XP software. ... =217009418

After the questions got a little hot the seller withdrew the auction. Just
have a look at the Q&A and you'll see he's running scared. His feedback
shows that he's sold several copies of MS software with most buyers
posting positive feedback. Apart from this one...
Sorry James but the XP Pro I got from you is counterfeit, it did not pass
genuine windows validation, I should have known as soon as I saw the

If the software he's selling is genuine, why would he withdraw the auction
above? Distinctly dodgy!

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'Windows XP Pro SP3 - Full Edition'

Post by Foggyone » Wed May 06, 2009 8:04 am

Listing #: 212064814 Sold for $75.00 Reserve $70.00
Listing #: 211262540 Sold for $70.00 Reserve $70.00
Listing #: 214266165 Sold for $170.00 Reserve $165.00
Listing #: 215529649 Sold for $170.00 Reserve $165.00
Listing #: 206355160 Sold to dougies price unknown
Listing #: 207660818 Sold to phibbles price unknown
Listing #: 208251573 Sold to extractorfan, an unhappy camper. Seller claims problem was sorted. Feedback does not reflect this. nz_software has not placed feedback on this buyer.

Listing #: 217009418 (Withdrawn as noted above)
Listing #: 213217022 Withdrawn by Admin. Confirmed this was the same seller, and the photo shows his FB frozen at zero. Probably listed on 14/4/09.

He's got a lot, and the original packaging seems to have a habit of vanishing.
Google, the answer to so many questions!

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