Buyers warned on hidden risks in fake cosmetics

Fake copies of Microsoft Office, operating systems, memory cards and flash drives, fake designer clothing... anything of that nature. At any given time TM offers thousands of fake itmes which breach their terms & conditions... and often do little about the problem. This is the place to discuss the issue.
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Buyers warned on hidden risks in fake cosmetics

Post by digidog » Fri Oct 02, 2009 7:57 pm

Buyers warned on hidden risks
in fake cosmetics

NZ Herald - 3 October 2009
Designer make-up bought online is fake and could be dangerous to
buyers' health, say the New Zealand Customs Service.

Customs officials have reported a growing trade in fake MAC cosmetics
products coming into the country in the last six months.

The counterfeit make-up is made in China or Thailand and sold on Trade
and in small market stalls.

Customs Manager Investigations Mark Day said because the printed
country of origin or ingredients in the products were often unclear, it was
difficult to confirm whether the make-up was fit for use.

"[It] could contain potentially harmful chemicals. Particularly concerning
are the fake eye shadows and eye liners. Using counterfeit products on
an area as sensitive as the eyes poses a real health concern," he said.

MAC has overtaken hair product company GHD as the most counterfeited
brand to reach New Zealand shores. A year ago, GHD reported an
increasing trade in the company's fake hair straighteners, which were
also deemed dangerous to consumers.

MAC Cosmetics brand general manager Jodie Matthews said the company
had worked with Customs to help them identify counterfeit products.

"Some are obviously not genuine to the naked eye, but others look very
genuine, with only tiny differences in font or size."

She said if a brush tip normally selling for $90 was on sale for $20, it was
probably too good to be true.
So let's have a peek on TradeMe. Yep... here's one seller who claims:
I am the power seller of MAC Brushes. Bid with confident!!!
Bid with confident, indeed! Apparently this brush...
Retails for $118.00 NZD

so how can he/she sell it for just $20? Because it's a fake.

trader: ilyaa
name: deery
loc'n: auckland
joined: september 2004
status: Authenticated & AVed ... ber=708648

The same person is selling Armani, Estee Lauder, Karen Walker... what
chance that any of these are genuine? Almost none. Yet this person has
great feedback. Go figure!
Ms Matthews said there was some frustration for the brand because a
huge amount of research and development was put into each range, yet
knock-offs made of inferior materials often fetched a price on Trade Me
which was higher than the retail price.
You can fool some of the people some of the time, huh.

There are other traders selling this stuff, for example, rsty2 from
Australia has MAC Lip Glass for just $19. But it's not fake... it ahem,
apparently fell off the back of a truck.
Purchased direct from a MAC Employee auction - no box
Yeah right! This same person has dozens of MAC products for sale, all at
a fraction of retail.

I sense a TradeMe crackdown on these fakes is imminent.

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Too Little

Post by Foggyone » Fri Oct 02, 2009 8:32 pm

....too late.

A very reactive response company. Proactive costs sales. Go figure!
Google, the answer to so many questions!

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Post by madcat11 » Thu Dec 10, 2009 10:30 am

ilyaa is still trading :shock: :shock:

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