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TM Policy Change

Posted: Mon Dec 13, 2010 3:14 am
by dobby
Interesting MB thread:
After trying to sell Android pad which i do have in possession (like this one" onclick=";return false;) i got this email from Trade me:

We have recently reviewed the sale of MP3 / MP4 players, touch phones and tablet PCs that have designs very similar to Apple products. As a result we no longer allow the sale of products that are modeled off Apple’s products and are likely to cause confusion for buyers. We believe these products can mislead buyers and result in them having a bad buying experience. We will be removing any listings that we believe mimic Apple’s products, or use any words or terms we deem to mislead our buyers into believing they may be buying an Apple product.

We take policy decisions of this nature seriously and realise the impact that this has on our sellers, we are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause you.

Some of the items that you have been listing recently are very similar to Apple products and will be affected by this change.

Due to this, today we have removed the following auctions:

7" aPad Google Android WiFi MID (#339673865)

Now how does this work, tablets where in existence years before Apple came up with their iPad crap and now suddenly nobody is allowed to sell a tablet anymore. I think there is also certain laws here in NZ against this kind of partiality. Does Apple own Trade Me now? or what is the story here. ... 0&topic=10" onclick=";return false;