Phishing Via Skype

Phishing scams, hijacking of TM accounts, keyloggers and all manner of other nasties. This is the place to report them and get help if you've been hit.
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Phishing Via Skype

Post by Foggyone » Mon Jun 06, 2011 8:14 am

In line with the viruses that come courtesy of M$ goods, I have received a phish via Skype. This no doubt celebrates the recent acquisition of Skype by M$.

A computer generated voice directed me to" onclick=";return false; which ran some sort of hokey scan, then told me I have no malware protection. (This I know, I don't run this on my Linux box).

Clicking on the Activate Now button brings up a page with URL ... modal=true" onclick=";return false;

This claims to be a secure page.

The form is served from" onclick=";return false;

It appears to be a phish for credit card details.

Google, the answer to so many questions!

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