Windows of opportunity

Whether it's 419 scammers or Romanian gangsters, this is the forum to post your baiting exploits and trophies.
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Windows of opportunity

Post by dobby » Wed Nov 17, 2010 7:47 am

From yesterday's Side Swipe:
Windows of opportunity

Peter writes: "I had a call last night from a man with an accent. He was from the 'International Microsoft Windows Help Desk' ... Apparently my computer is full of dangerous viruses. The kind man offered to help me solve this problem. I told him that would be great but I have a hearing problem. After 20 minutes of him shouting instructions at me he was starting to get a bit irritated. He then asked for my internet password. I spelled it out for him (EMMAFUGWET). I told him to yell it back to me three times which he did. The call then ended abruptly."
Idealism increases in direct proportion to your distance from the problem.

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