Advise Please

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Advise Please

Post by Believer » Mon Jan 23, 2012 4:02 am

Hey guys, I just after some friendly advise on how to deal with internet scoundrels....

So, to cut a long story short.. I have a dodgy buyer - who purchased an item from me, claimed it was faulty, so I refunded him.... and he has stopped all contact.

I guess where this differs from the normal 'Some scoundrel ripped me off' case is that rather than me purchase from him and get ripped... he purchased from me and I got ripped.... So any advice on what my rights are and how to proceed to track this guy down and recover my goods?

What I have:

His bank details
His shipping Address
His open Facebook page
A cellphone number that he doesn't seem to answer anymore
I found a few articles on stuff about him being a street artist.

Long versions:

On 08/01 - Buyer won a second hand cell phone off me for $250 on Sella
On 09/01 - He deposited the money into my account.. we are both BNZ so I was able to see it and ship the item that day.
On 10/01 - He received the phone and emailed me that night saying neither his Telecom or 2 Degree's sim worked. My Mrs had been using the phone with a Voda sim - So I asked him about some troubleshooting IE Resetting the phone etc
On 11/01 - I offered him a refund if he could not get the Sim cards working and he sent me through his account details. So I refunded him and sent a little extra for postage back.
On 13/01 - I Hadn't heard anything so emailed him asked if he had received the deposit. He responded saying Quote, "Yup got the money Im in wellington at the moment will be back home 2mrw
il send it to you asap sorry" - This is the last I have heard from him.
On 19/01 - I emailed him asking for the track and trace details for the returned item. No response
On 21/01 - I text him asking for the tracking details. No response
On 22/01 - I again emailed him asking for tracking details... and again have received no response.

Meanwhile he posted on his Facebook page on the 19th, twice on the 20th, twice on the 21st and then again today. So it rules out him getting hit by a bus/have no internet access.

Up to this point I have been polite and formal in all my correspondence - however I am not sure if there is a procedure I should follow or whether I should just try and find a phone number and let rip..?

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Post by digidog » Mon Jan 23, 2012 9:19 pm

Hi Ryan, it certainly sounds like you've been ripped off. Feel free to post the guy's details here as long as
you remain factual. That will help to prevent other people getting ripped by him in the future.

The good news is that you have his contact details. I'd write up a brief explanation (as above) and have a
friendly talk to someone at your local police station. Some police stations say they're not interesting in
dealing with TM crimes that are under a certain amount (often rumoured to be $400). However your buyer
has committed theft and you may find a cop who's interested, as this would be an easy crime for them to

Download Foggyone's complaint kit. That will ensure that you have all of the information required to make
a complaint simple for the police." onclick=";return false;

If necessary, insist that they take your complaint. Then follow up after a few days to see what progress has
been made. Don't let your complaint languish in some cop's in-tray.

Good luck... and do let us know how you get on.

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