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'Sumwone Speshal' charged over Facebook laptop scam

Posted: Wed Jan 07, 2015 2:10 am
by Foggyone
Seventeen people have allegedly been duped by a man with the alias "Sumwone Speshal" who they paid $650 for a laptop but received only an empty courier bag.
Investigators say there could be more victims of the scam by 19-year-old Isaac James Culmer, from Beach Haven.

Culmer faces 17 charges of obtaining by deception and will appear before North Shore District Court tomorrow.

It's alleged Culmer had been advertising a Mac Book Pro for sale on Facebook as well as other local trade websites such as Buy Sell Trade East Auckland.

He allegedly provided potential buyers with a copy of his hospitality ID card showing his name, as well as his phone number.

However, once the buyer deposited the money, the track and trace courier bag that Culmer sent them was actually empty.
Probably been on Trademe as well, but with their 'hide scammers at all costs' system we would not easily find out.