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Post a Q&A

Post by NathanW » Tue May 12, 2015 3:03 am

I've seen Post a Note mentioned a few times in forums, and I just wanted to make myself available if anyone had any questions about A friend recently showed me the Scambusters community, pretty amazing. Trademe is lucky to have you. It is a lot of work to keep websites free from scam. We have a dedicated team, but if anyone on this forum ever sees anything on our site, please let me know, our goal is to have our site 100% clean, always.

As someone already mentioned, we are not an auction site actually, we are a free classified site. There are no fees of any kind, and that will not ever change (we make our money from the banner ads). If you have any suggestions for the site, let us know.

Nathan Weathington
Post a Note Co Founder and GM

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