The Sexy Way to try to sell a Domain

Shill bidding, contact details in auctions… anything that’s not a scam per se but breaches TM’s terms and conditions.
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The Sexy Way to try to sell a Domain

Post by ionet » Wed Mar 29, 2017 6:24 am


The Lucrative Sexy side to selling a Domain Name on TM: ... 146818.htm

Lucrative website Domain Name -

NZ website domain name - top tier domainname applicable to a very lucrative industry

At just a mere 20 Big Ones Reserve and 50 big ones for Buy Now - it has got to be real steal for someone ;-)

What hasn't been mentioned in this sexy deal is with the new second level name extensions
available since March 2015 - the .nz version must also have been available and just who may be
holding that one ? ;-)

Hello - it looks like the same fellow as is trying sell on TM ;-)


Ultimate Auction Security: Kick 'em in the pants & sweep them under the carpet fast before anyone sees & hope they go away.

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