help with seller please

Shill bidding, contact details in auctions… anything that’s not a scam per se but breaches TM’s terms and conditions.
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help with seller please

Post by millie114 » Wed Jul 14, 2010 12:53 am

I brought a brand new GPS unit off trade me. Auction stated that it had the latest maps for nz and oz. A month later I realised that the maps were out of date and when I tried connecting it to the net it said hardware was not found. I have emailed seller 3x with no response. today i finally had enough and rang trade me. Talk to a very helpful lady who contacted seller and told him to reply to my emails. He now wants me to pay for update these are are emails tonight.

FROM ME a couple of days ago
Please please contact me I can not connect my gps to a site to download new maps, all sites will not detect gps. If I do not get this sorted by Thursday. I will be Informing trade me as I have a feeling you are seeing faulty/ pirated gps systems.
what i would like is
1) where do I get new maps
2) how do I connect to the internet?

send back gps fo me ,Only need Machine and sd card charger $20.00 ,my add: ( I DO HAVE HIS ADDRESS

why are u charging me $20? I want to be able to download or purchase my own maps. I thought that was the whole idea of a gps system? I have no problem with the gps I just need to know how to connect it to the internet and where to get maps

Are neither upgrade ,upgrade need $20

am i right to say that i should not pay for him to fix it ? i don't know much about gps but i am sure i should be able to get new maps myself. please please help me what do i do. I don't want to have something i can't use. is it possiable that it is a pirated version. argggggg


this is what it said on the trade me auction page, the manuel is sorry say shit does say something about a c.d

Brand new Latest styles 4.3"-inch TFT colour LCD touch screen. with original manuals and packaging.
Built in 2GB memory hard disk and antenna
Power Supply: Integrated battery which can be charged by cigarette lighter
Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery,

Newest edition NZ & Australia including country towns map with latest software.
it come with building,Points of Interest, Speed Cameras, and House Numbers.
Spoken Street Names in clear pronunciation,
Point of Interest (POIs): hotels, restaurants, petrol, coffee shops, parking lots, supermarket
You just type in your destination address, with its built in speaker into the gps, a friendly voice gives you easy to follow instructions along the way. And when you turn the final corner onto the street you are going to, this amazing GPS will tell you how many metres you have to drive before you get to house number you are going to.

Day time and night time modes,2D and 3D options.
Arrow and voice guidance--turn by turn with voice directions.
You can carry this GPS navigator with you and use it on foot, in your car or truck.
Speed camera reminder
Speed display with over speed reminder.
Route criteria options: fast route or short route options
Multi-language OSD: English
Address book. Video and audio player. Photo viewer. E-book reader TXT.

FM Transmitter Play music on the gps over your car radio system

CPU: SIRF Atlas 400MHz
Operating System: Microsoft Windows CE5.0
Unit Dimension(LWH): 120X83X13

Package included:
1. Latest styles 4.3inch new model GPS
2. 12V cigarette light adaptor
3. Car windscreen mount with bracket
4. Built in 2GB memory with the latest NZ & Australia maps loaded
5. Stereo earphone
6. USB cable
7. Operation Manual

- We will provide 6 months Manufactures Warranty,(Does not include man-made damage)


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Post by digidog » Wed Jul 14, 2010 3:46 am

Hi Melissa and welcome to ScamBusters. You're allowed to name the seller here... a link
to the auction would be handy.

As the seller promises...
Newest edition NZ & Australia including country towns map with latest software.

he is obliged to sell the unit with the latest software. The action you take from this point
depends on whether you bought the GPS at auction, a "Buy Now" or via a fixed price offer.
Which was it in your case?

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Re: help with seller please

Post by millie114 » Wed Jul 14, 2010 4:03 am

hi thanks for your reply I won the auction by placing bids, the seller is buyandsell68. when i won the auction he had 99.?% feedback now its down to 94.6 % the link is Listing #: 290974024 (sorry don't know how to give the the proper link

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Re: help with seller please

Post by dobby » Wed Jul 14, 2010 6:23 am

Here's the link: ... =290974024" onclick=";return false;

Seller is:

buyandsell68 ... er=3251766" onclick=";return false;

Name: jacky
Suburb: Christchurch City
Member Since: January-2010

It seems like there was another GPS buyer also unhappy with their purchase:
firehawk2 (6 ) 17 Jun 2010
buyandsell68 was the seller
Not happy with the product & can not get a hold of the seller via e-mail. Struggle with voice prompt in navigation & maps are outdated. I hope that we can fix this!!!!
... and this buyer is receiving an upgrade for free:
tmr_1 (16 ) Address Verified Jun 2010 16 May 2010
buyandsell68 was the seller
Good person to deal with The maps on the GPS were very out of date but have been promised Free upgrade when they come out
Several of the yellow faces should really be blue or red. It's not a great trading history.
Idealism increases in direct proportion to your distance from the problem.

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Post by Googlybear » Thu Jul 15, 2010 7:10 am

digidog wrote: As the seller promises...
Newest edition NZ & Australia including country towns map with latest software.
Unfortunately the seller has used misleading terms. The map software may have not had an update for 12 Years and will be outdated however technically it will still be the `latest version`

TM Buyers need to very wary of electronic items that have no brand or model listed in the description as in the GPS system auction you brought.
There is so much imported shoddy Chinese rubbish around.
You only have to look at the Mobile Phone and MP3 Players Categories to see the dodgy sellers flogging off unbranded junk.
usually a `3 months warranty` statement is a giveaway to the quality or even no mention of a warranty as in many auctions

many of those sellers Such as this Trader are regularly reported here for appalling feedback and Dropshipping

I Think it is always better to pay a few dollars extra and purchase a known brand such as Navman or TOMTOM

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