"This item Can not be combined with other"

Shill bidding, contact details in auctions… anything that’s not a scam per se but breaches TM’s terms and conditions.
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"This item Can not be combined with other"

Post by ionet » Thu Dec 27, 2012 3:38 am


Dont you just like the Auctions which carry this inscription - usually cheap junk
or bulk which starts at a $1 or two

The Courier cost is at times a multiple of what it sells for and

"This item Can not be combined with other of our listings"

which means that each lot will be sent out seperately and cost
another Courier or parcelpost charge from the seller.

Or will it ?

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kelly188 (1530 ) 17 Dec 2012 yalesmith was the seller Sold for $1.00 (#537572468)

Cheeky buggers say 'they can not combine shipping' even when you win 3 small products from them so you pay $6 courier each and what do they do - pocket your $12 courier and combine shipping!!!

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Lucky it earned a yellow, but for the trades put through - it's surprising that they
haven't learned yet they would sell more to the same buyers and yield better
selling prices, if they combined lots and didn't try the sort of shipping rip-off
they orchestrated on the unfortunate buyer above ;-)

Ultimate Auction Security: Kick 'em in the pants & sweep them under the carpet fast before anyone sees & hope they go away.

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