Profiteering from a free event

Shill bidding, contact details in auctions… anything that’s not a scam per se but breaches TM’s terms and conditions.
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Profiteering from a free event

Post by digidog » Thu Jan 16, 2014 1:53 am

Kim Dotcom gave away 25,000 free tickets to the Vector Arena launch of his Internet Party and it wasn't long before the usual suspects started hawking tickets on TradeMe. The worst offender comes from Nelson and has twenty seperate listings... he intended to make over $2,000 from selling the tickets, which I'm sure he's declare to the IRD as income.

trader: frozen001
name: Lance & Carolina
loc'n: Nelson
joined: March 2005
status: Authenticated ... ber=937797" onclick=";return false;

I'm not saying that there's anying illegal about this tyype of profiteering, however immoral the practice may be. However Lance has hit a small problem. Kim Dotcom has cancelled the event after being advised that it could break electoral laws. So none of these tickets are valid any longer. Bugger! ;-)

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