Misleading vehicle sales - jakedefake

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Misleading vehicle sales - jakedefake

Post by digidog » Mon May 25, 2015 11:18 pm

I came across this listing for a Toyota ute with only 83,000km on the clock. At $1 reserve it looks like a bargain. Then I had a peek at the seller's feedback which isn't flash and found two previous bad FBs for misleading vehicle sales.

Nissan Serana 1993
this vehicle was sold on false information not a good way to do business.!!!
trader responded: yea

Rover 416 1998
I bought a car from him. But the interiors are winded by heat (No information or photo). The cam belt has not been changed. The engine is 1600cc, not 2000cc (wrong information). Really disappointed!
trader responded: Cheaper to run

He admits in the ute Q&A that the road user charges are not up to date.
Q: is the ruc up to date
A: Probley not, not sure really

This guy has a bad attitude. Selling a farm hack as a low mileage vehicle is dishonest. Even worse, if the RUCs are more than 100,000km out of date, the buyer will be facing a huge cost to get it back on the road.

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