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Cheryl Fay Takimoana - TradeMe fraud

Posted: Tue Dec 15, 2015 11:21 pm
by digidog
I admit it... I clicked on an almost misleading Stuff headline entitled, Marlborough woman convicted in Blenheim District Court after not paying for item purchased on a TradeMe auction. While the headline was full of promise, the actual story was rather brief -- here's the full text.
Cheryl Fay Takimoana, 28, of Blenheim, admitted not paying for an item she received following a TradeMe auction. She was convicted, sentenced to 40 hours' community work, and ordered to pay $400 in reparation.
However a quick Google search shows the same person was convicted of shoplifting in 2012, of selling non-existent iPhones in August this year as well as obtaining by deception, to the value of less than $500, and two charges of obtaining between $500 and $1000 by deception. The story doesn't make clear whether the phantom iPhones were sold on TM.

She's one of those people you hope you'll never come across on TM.