Most idiotic trader I've ever seen

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Most idiotic trader I've ever seen

Post by danielroxheaps » Wed Apr 19, 2017 9:07 am

If this topic is in the wrong location, then sorry, I've signed up a bit less than an hour ago.

So I was looking at this auction, and as always, I have to look at the feedback. So I went onto BitBud (the other site you link to doesn't seem to work) and I see this.
Trader response: By the way, a $1 item costs ~40 cents to list, 50 cents in success fee and 30 cents in bank fee for the deposit. The user was also expecting me to spend another 30 cents for the txt... Even Pentagon is not squandering like that!
I can't seem to find any of the other details as this was a screenshot from a wee while ago, but I'm pretty sure the original feedback was something about emailing and texting the buyer and receiving no response.

There was also another a seller who tried to charge the buyer TM's listing fees.

I've only ever come into contact with one scammer (check my more recent post) and I ended up getting a better deal out of it, but I find it hilarious how these people try, and fail, and always will.


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