Fake Chinese NZ Lotto Scammer siite nz-lotto.nz

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Fake Chinese NZ Lotto Scammer siite nz-lotto.nz

Post by ionet » Wed Mar 29, 2017 6:07 am


Warning under in from NZ Lotteries today:

NOTE: The Official NZ Lotteries Site is at:



Their Warning on the Scammer's Look alike Site:

Warning - unofficial website

We’re aware of a scam website that appears to be tricking MyLotto users into providing their account information.

The website, nz-lotto.nz, looks just like our official website, MyLotto, however has no association with Lotto NZ. Sites like this are designed to fool users into providing their username and password information.

If you believe you may have used this site, you should change your password on MyLotto and on any other sites that use the same password now.

We’d like to remind all players to only use our official website, https://mylotto.co.nz, when purchasing tickets for Lotto NZ’s games online. We recommend that you do not provide any account or personal information to sites with any alternative URLs.

The Scammer's Domain Registration Details:

https://1stdomains.nz/info/whois_query. ... z-lotto.nz
domain_name: nz-lotto.nz
query_status: 200 Active domain_
dateregistered: 2016-11-04T04:15:56+13:00
domain_datebilleduntil: 2017-11-04T04:15:56+13:00
domain_datelastmodified: 2016-11-04T04:21:27+13:00

registrant name: zhangsan
registrant_contact_address1: damalu123hao
registrant_contact_city: Cheng Du
registrant_contact_province: Others
registrant_contact_postalcode: 518000
registrant_contact_country: CN (CHINA)
registrant_contact_phone: +86 07556666123
registrant_contact_fax: +86 07556666123

ns_name_01: f1g1ns2.dnspod.net
ns_name_02: f1g1ns1.dnspod.net


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