True Religion wins counterfeit clothing cases

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True Religion wins counterfeit clothing cases

Post by dobby » Wed May 17, 2006 2:43 am

USA : True Religion wins counterfeit clothing cases, 15 May, 2006
Apparel retailer True Religion Apparel Inc announced that the company has recently won two court default judgments against several individuals and businesses charged with importing and selling counterfeit True Religion Brand Jeans.

The default judgment orders from both cases total approx. $1 million, after legal expenses. ... s_id=17087

Not significant volumes of this brand on TM currently, but a few popping up here and there.
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Re: True Religion wins counterfeit clothing cases

Post by Googlybear » Wed Sep 05, 2012 8:34 pm

Another lot Busted

Pair to pay $20k for fake designer jeans ... fm=psp,tst" onclick=";return false;
Two Aucklanders must serve community detention sentences and each pay $20,000 for selling hundreds of pairs of counterfeit designer jeans.

Dean Leo Gibbs and Dawn Mary Lomas both pleaded guilty to a forgery charge for selling hundreds of pairs of fake True Religion jeans at temporary stores across Auckland and through a daily-deal website.
Not surprising the penalty handed down is pathetic compared to the previous case in the US.
They were ordered to pay $20,000 each in reparations to the jean company and sentenced to three months' community detention as well as 300 hours' community work.
as they sold hundreds of pairs it is likely they made more money then the fine they are ordered to pay

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