Mitt Romney's jobs solution

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Mitt Romney's jobs solution

Post by digidog » Tue Aug 14, 2012 5:05 am

The Guardian is running a little story on Bain Capital. That's Mitt Romney's company - he's the 100% shareholder and
sole director. I guess that means he's in charge. But while the aspiring Republican Presidential candidate is talking
about policy to create new jobs, he's not necessarily talking about US jobs.

His company has recently bought a great little business called Sensata Auto Sensors. It's a profitable operation that
employs 170 people in a small town called Freeport, Illinois (population 26,000). Bain Capital has decided to lay off all
of those workers and ship the factory to China where labour is cheaper and they'll make even bigger profits. As an
unltimate insult, many of the US staff are being kept on for a few weeks so they can train the Chinese workers who
will take over their jobs. Nice!

Is this really the type of President that America needs in a downturn? ... utsourcing" onclick=";return false;

Shades of Dunedin's railway workshops employment being sent to China by government-owned NZ Rail?

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