Warning: nzfundinggrants.org - scam site

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Warning: nzfundinggrants.org - scam site

Post by digidog » Tue Jun 30, 2015 11:14 pm

Here's a scam targeting New Zealand businesses. The site is based in Canada and appears to provide access to NZ Govt grants. Even worse, the site has ten video "success stories" on the website where local companies talk about the big grants they've been given.

While over 100 businesses have complained about the site, our Commerce Commission says it "may not be able to do much" because "it appears to be based overseas." Well, shock horror! Imagine scammers actually being based offshore. What's the point of the special FiveEyes relationship if our government can't ask the Canadians nicely to stop this scam? The scammers even have a local 0800 number to add to their credibility and make ripping you off even easier.

I note that the scam site has been running for at least two years and has a Google rank of 3. One would have thought that our lawmakers could have a quiet word with Google to remove the site from their listings?

Remind me again... what exactly is the purpose of our well-funded cyber-security agencies?

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