Firefox says Flash is too dangerous to run

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Firefox says Flash is too dangerous to run

Post by digidog » Tue Jul 14, 2015 9:31 pm

If some of your favourite sites have been producing Flash warning messages recently, here's the reason why.
For Flash, the writing may finally be on the wall.

Mozilla has blocked Flash on its popular Firefox browser. A message now appears saying that Flash - the plug-in that enables animation, browser games, and other graphics online - is vulnerable, along with a message that Mozilla reserves the right to block software that "seriously compromises Firefox security."


The ban is temporary - it will stay in place as long as there's a version of Flash with publicly known security problems, Mozilla said. (Adobe is working on a fix.) If users really want to run Flash to view videos or use other Flash-based Web tools, they can do so - as long as they read a security warning from Mozilla first. But Mozilla is also advocating for a general end to using Flash as a Web standard. ... d=11481193
I'd love to see an alternative to Flash with it's annoying weekly updates and covert attempts to load McAfee onto your machine every time you update. Bring it on!

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