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TradeMe related links

  • TradeMe - A great auction site that will be even better when they learn how to lock out scammers
  • SafeTrader - The TradeMe-owned escrow site - we recommend that you use this service for higher value auctions


  •  Auction Scams - free eBook Foggyone's eBook - ScamBuster Peter Andersen has written an Auction Fraud ebook (in PDF format) which details the anatomy of a scam and contains lots of handy tips and tricks for online traders. We recommend you download your free copy. To save the eBook to your computer, right click on this link and select "Save Target As" or "Save File As".

     Get your free Acrobat Reader Just click this logo to download the free Acrobat reader from Adobe.

  • Foggyone's fraud kit - contains all the forms you'll need to file a Police complaint and a handy checklist.

    Reporting NZ-based Spam

  • Internal Affairs Anti-spam unit
       Enforcing the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007
       It's worth registering at this site

    Reporting fraud

  • Commerce Commission
       Deal with misleading or deceptive conduct by traders and
       enforcement of safety standards
       0800 94 36 00

  • Disputes Tribunal
       For any disputes (but NOT cases of deliberate fraud)

  • Banking Ombudsman
       For any banking complaints
       PO Box 10 573
       The Terrace
       0800 805 950
       (04)471 0006

  • DVD & Movie Piracy
       Report piracy online:
       0800 copyright (0800 267-974)
       (Operated by NZFact)

  • Medsafe
       Regulation of health products
       (04)496 2000

  • Ministry of Consumer Affairs
       Breaches of the Consumer Guarantees Act
       PO Box 1473
       (04)474 2750

  • Citizens Advice Bureau
       Good advice for free - check your local phone book or
       phone 0800 367 222

    Protect your privacy online

  • Electronic Frontier's October 2013 guide to maintaining your privacy online
       If the NSA scandal has you seriously worried

    ScamBusting Links

  • ScamChecker - website scam checklist - maintained by Chris at FireTrust
  • The bigger list of chinese scams - list of known scam sites (thanks Chris); good info here.
  • NZ Police - Spam, Scams and Frauds page
  • - US site devoted to internet fraud
  • Avoid Plasma TV auction Scams - US site with a nice rundown of how the Romanian scammers operate
  • Pets on the Net - NZ scams involving pets
  • British Arts Fraud page - Art fraud in detail

    ScamBaiting Links

  • - An excellent collection of Nigerian
        scammers being scammed
  • - the original 419 scam site
  • - yep... more 419 tales

    Other NZ Auction sites

    ScamBusters is not affiliated with any of these sites which are provided for members' information only.
    One Way

    Some handy NZ online tools

    NZ Postcode Finder - nice and easy
    FYI - a website that allows New Zealanders to publicly lodge Official Information Act (OIA) and Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act (LGOIMA) requests online.
    NZ Duty Estimator - NZ Customs online calculator - estimate the duty payable on a variety imported goods
    Veda MyCreditFile - Check your own credit free of charge - ten day delivery
    Carjam - vehicle facts, money owing, etc
    Coys company info - similar to the Companies Office but faster and better designed
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