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News: 2004-2007

Many news links become outdated and are removed from public view quite quickly, especially those published by Fairfax media (the previous owners of TradeMe). Links which are no longer available are marked with a red * asterisk. For that reason we gave up updating this page in 2007 although one or two of these links are still available.

TradeMe's critics lash out at scam
Bruce Simpson commentary on a major DVD scam
9 August 2007

TVNZ / ASB Business
Justine Turner looks at TradeMe scams
10 April 2007 *

Trade Me downplays hacking threat
"The information given by Scambusters is based on assumptions."
TM Security Manager Dean Winter
31st March 2007 *

Radio Live
TradeMe accused of security lapse
Including an interview with ScamBuster Clive Hill
28th March 2007 *

Watchdog group urges TradeMe to improve security
A warning about the Romanian hijackings
27th Mar 2007

Southland Times
Swimmer beware, pirates and sharks abound online
22 March 2007 *

Radio NZ National - Insight
TradeMe - the risks: featuring Peter Anderson (foggyone) from ScamBusters and Martin Craig from Consumer Magazine.
11 Feb 2007 *

TradeMe hit by scam
13 Apr 2006

Southland Times
Picton laptop scammer arrested
1st March 2006 *

NZ Herald
Artist accused of copying photos
25th May 2005

 Southland Times Southland Times - Vink exposé
The story broke on the ST front page then ran in every other major newspaper in NZ
23 May 2005 *

Fair Go
TVNZ's Consumer Affairs Show
September 2004 *

The Dominion
"Auction enthusiasts become ScamBusters"
August 2004*

Radio Pacific
Mike McRoberts interviews Clive Hill
August 2004*

Netguide Magazine
"Auction Scams"
August 2004*

Listener cover story Consumer Magazine
"Scams That Won't Scram"
July 2004*

FlipSide / TV2
7 June 2004*

The Listener
"All that Glitters"
This was a great cover story by Phil Vine
31 May 2004 *

31 May 2004

31 May 2004

Southland Times
6 May 2004*



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