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 Typical scams on Trademe

Scams and how to avoid them

Scams and ripoffs are all too commonplace on auction sites these days and TradeMe is no exception. The ScamBusters' website was set up as a community service by a small group of people experienced in identifying auction scams. From the Romanian gang that fleeced kiwis for over four years, to local crooks hoping to make a quick buck. Here's how they operate.

Are there risks on TradeMe at the moment?

You bet there are, and we know that some of them will cost innocent traders thousands of dollars. Here's some information you need to know if you buy or sell goods on TradeMe.

Vehicle Scams

 An Indonesian Scam If you're selling a car on TradeMe then you should read this page now! Be wary of "overseas" buyers - this is one of the most popular high value scams on TradeMe at the moment.

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Fake goods scams

Once upon a time TradeMe was littered with fake Louis Vuitton handbags and Gucci scarves... 90% of them poor fakes straight out of China. The major brands have (thankfully) become more proactive in policing listings bearing their name, but there are still hordes of fake items being sold on TradeMe as the real thing.

The main TradeMe area for fakes today is Microsoft software - mainly ripped off copies of Microsoft Office - and electronics... memory cards and flash drives. The most common scam involves sellers claiming huge drive capacities like "256Gb" when the drive or card will only hold a fraction of that amount. While some of these items seem to work for a while, others are complete rubbish and will fail quickly.

In most cases the fakes can be identified by their poor packaging. However TradeMe don't seem to police these fakes in any active manner so many get sold to unsuspecting punters. It's up to buyers to identify and report the fake items and one of our members "Googlybear" has turned this into an art form. You can a current list of fake goods on this forum.

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Other scams

There are a few common scams on TradeMe - learn more about them to keep yourself safe online.

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